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By Newsday Staff |   August 27, 2020


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Newsday: Primehouse Steak & Sushi review: Ambitious Garden City Steakhouse Earns 3 Stars

By Peter M. Gianotti  |   October 3, 2019


Art Gustafson with New York Times Best Selling author, Nelson DeMille

Newsday: Primehouse Steak & Sushi

To Open In Garden City

By Peter M. Gianotti  |   July 9, 2019


The Reviews Are In...

We tried Primehouse in Garden City last night, first Saturday night soft opening. Amazing food and attentive staff. Wedge salad was crisp with bacon cooked to perfection and was not drowning in dressing. Spicy Tuna Sandwich Roll & Yellow Dragon Roll rivaled the best sushi spots including NYC.
My wife’s Pan Roasted Shrimp has an incredible mix of flavors. My Filet Mignon was ample in portion and delicious.
Our dinner partners were thrilled with their Sea Bass and Skirt Steak.

The Key Lime Tower was a creative and oh so great way to finish the meal.

The runners need to learn the table numbers but that will come with time! Attentive staff and management that truly catered to the guests and made us feel welcomed. Also, one of the most beautiful build-outs that I have seen in a very long time.

Not inexpensive but not ridiculous and high quality food across the board.

Primehouse, a wonderful addition to the Village of Garden City.

-Craig Biscone

Patch: New Steak And Sushi Restaurant Opening This Week In Garden City

By Alex Costello |   July 9, 2019


"Thank you Primehouse for the INCREDIBLE job your entire staff did for our party. I have NEVER been to a party where there wasn't a few compliants byt the guests but there was only praise after praise about every aspect of the event. The staff were sooo attentive, the food was absolutely perfect and I hope people red this and reach out to you to book their parties! Better than going to NYC. THANK YOU."

-Lorie G.

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